Arlynn, Founder & Running Creative


Meet Arlynn, street athlete, 12x NWM runner, NTC SF MVP ’14, Golden Gate University Alumni, and the woman who kick-started Concrete Runners. When she’s not out running the streets of SF, you’ll find her wearing Nike Sportswear, doing epic shit while  kicking ass as an IT Professional for CSN at NBC Universal.  

Arlynn is a SF native and has lived in the Bay Area most of her life. Her love of traveling has been a part of her life early on. She’s traveled the world and has lived in Chicago and Florence, Italy for a period. 
Arlynn's love of fitness and running started in 2006 when her best friend Janelle asked her to run in the SF Nike Women's Marathon. Though she was not a runner and was not quite sure what was in store, without hesitation she agreed to train with Team N Training. She raised over $2.5k and ran 26.2 miles. Fueled by the support of her friends, family and TNT, she crossed that finish line with determination & a renewed person. 
After the marathon, Arlynn formed the running group Running Diva SF by recruiting her friends and family to join her and her new found love of running. Many followers on social media wanted to be a part of this running crew. The group was later changed to include all runners in the Bay Area. And so Concrete Runners was formed. 
Arlynn has always been about motivating and inspiring the lifestyle of running. She is a constant motivation and drive to all her family and friends.

The city is her gym and the world is her playground.