Concrete Meet: Fleet Feet Nike Flash Run

The Concrete Runners recently held a flash run with Fleet Feet. It was an awesome turn out with lots of new faces too. I thought it was even more awesome that I got my coworkers to come out and attend. I mean, there's no better feeling than getting someone to try to something new and LOVING it. My coworkers were able to use their trial shoes since they did not have their own, which was nice. I believe it's great that the store provides that service. The route was short and sweet, nothing unbearable and the weather was ideal! What was even better was all the goodie treats that the store provided the attendees!

- Mo, Season 2

Brett Lamb and his entire team at Fleet Feet Sports San Francisco was awesome as always. They surprised us with Concrete Runners cupcakes and raffled off Nike flash hats, Nike vest and even a pair of Nike Flash sneakers. I absolutely love partnering up with Fleet Feet Sports.

- @iamarlynn, Founder

If you know me, then you know I love the flash life.  Anything reflective, I just got to have it.  So when Fleet Feet and the Concrete Runners teamed up for a Flash Run through San Francisco, I was super excited to bust out my gear and make my appearance. 

Keep in mind that I had just run a FULL MARATHON on Sunday.  Weirdly enough, my legs felt perfectly fine and I was ready to run again.  I threw on my USA Olympics 3M jacket that I picked up at Foot Patrol in London, my Nike Flash hat that I got from NTC+ LA, and my reflective Concrete Runners gear and took a bart ride to downtown SF.  There were so many delays due- hey, it’s the holiday season- but I showed up a few minutes late…and was so shocked!

Inside Fleet Feet were HELLA runners!  I made my rounds to say hello to the crew as Fleet Feet and my fellow Concrete Runners team captain Jessica were welcoming the group to the run.  It was great to see everyone all together, rockin’ their latest reflective gear, and ready to RUN! 

Part of the run included a contest for the raffle.  We had to use the hashtag #NikeFlashRunSF, which meant I was going to be posting lots of pics during the route.  We took off and I pushed myself to run in the 9:00 min/mile pace group.  Jhoanne, Season 3 Concrete Runner, also was in the same pace group as me. 

Our pacers from Fleet Feet were super energized, and they led us through a 3 mile route through Union Square and down the Embarcadero.  This gave us a perfect chance to make some stops at the Christmas trees for photo opportunities and to post on Instagram. 

I was almost dying when we returned, but I made it!  We were welcomed to cupcakes featuring Fleet Feet and Concrete Runners.  That was a big surprise to us but we absolutely loved it.  If that wasn’t enough, Fleet Feet also hooked it up with naughty or nice punch (I took the naughty).

We couldn’t leave without taking plenty of group photos.  I also had the chance to buy the new Nike Pegasus Solstice shoe, the Concrete Runners crew shoe for Season 3. 

This flash run was the perfect way to close out the running year for the Concrete Runners.  We had a flash run last year before the holidays as well, but this time, as our crew gets bigger, we had an even bigger and better experience, thanks to the folks at Fleet Feet. 

- Tiffany, Co-Captain