Concrete Travels: The Honolulu Marathon

Wow, I can't believe I ran a full marathon, and I couldn't do it without my CRew!

Yes, I ran 26.2 miles in the Honolulu heat, and jumped in the ocean immediately after.  That was my prize, asides from the medal and the malasadas.  

What's even better is that I had some of the CRew with me so we experienced it together....everything from picking up our packets, to our carb-load dinner, to our victory dinner. We set out on a jet to leave the cold San Francisco climate to experience December in Hawaii.  

For some of us, it was our first marathon, so we needed the support from each other.  We met up at the starting line for a photo opp, ran the marathon, then met up with our Cheer CRew and our marathoners at the end.  It was magical and I would totally do it again.

Now that I've got one marathon in the books, I'm ready for the next....who's with me?  Or...who's ready to go to Honolulu in December?  Let's do this!

- Tiffany, Co-Captain