Concrete Runners at the Hot Chocolate

January is the first month of the year meaning the first month to get out and run. I've heard about the Hot Chocolate race before but never had the opportunity to sign up for it until this year. This was my first race of the year and I was to say the least a bit nervous considering it was the first one after all the holidays (and you all know what those holidays do, you just eat and eat). I was able to train for a bit for this race since before then it was family time. I was still nonetheless excited because of what the name of the race is, HOT CHOCOLATE. I mean who doesn't love hot chocolate? 

I met up with a few of the CRew beforehand but then got spilt up due to corrals. I walked my way towards the front of the corral which is the first time I've ever been in the front. When we were waiting for our corral to start, the announcer on the platform noticed that I was wearing my Concrete Runners tank and gave a shoutout to us! That was a really cool moment because he mentioned us to the rest of the race and said that he had seen some of my CRew and said good luck to us.

The race was through the Golden Gate Park and through the Great Highway. I ran into some of the CRew while running and that kept me motivated to keep on going and pushing forward. Although I did not get to see the Concrete Cheer CRew at Mile 6, I was able to catch up with some of my CRew and finished along side of them.

We grubbed on the hot chocolate and chocolate fondue that was in a finishers mug for everyone. I did not get my personal best, but I ran the best I could and ran with the people who I love sharing these experiences with. I had a really good time with this race and I would most likely do it again next year!

- @itsloreeeee, Season 3


This was my first time running the Hot Chocolate Race in SF at Golden Gate Park. I entered a drawing with @fitletic on Instagram.  They were giving away two free running bibs and I won it! I ran it with my sister in law, Regine (CR 3) and it was awesome! I didn't sign up beforehand because I was already scheduled to work that weekend. So I did not get the night off, so when I found out I won that Thursday, it was too late for switching my schedule, but I still ran it after my 12 hr night shift (6p-6a)! I couldn't have done it without my sister in law, she drove so I could sleep before the race. I was so tired, but once I started running, I felt great! I stayed with my sis and wasn't worrying about PR, I had such a great time. Towards the last mile, I ran into Loree and Irene from CR, and we finished all together. That was pretty awesome! The medal looks like a chocolate bar, and the post party food was so good! Not only do they give you a nice jacket for signing up, the post party food was a mug filled with goodies: chocolate fondue, marshmallows, pretzels, a praline wafer cookie with a cup of hot chocolate! It felt so good to drink it after the run! I would definetly sign up next year! 

- Marie Alojado, Season 1