Apple Watch Nike + Review

Many runners are eager to get the new Apple Watch Nike+ edition, and one of our Season 3 Runners has been giving all of us the lowdown on this new running accessory all via Group Me.  As someone who runs a consistent 100 miles per month, we’re hear to listen to what Ray-Ray has to say about his 4 Trial Runs, and we wanted to share his research with you:

Trial Run 1:

I love the display, how it illuminates and how it looks on wrist... BUT is there a way to see your pace while on the run? I was pretty anxious throughout the run not knowing.  I need to play around with the settings.  Just found out there's an "advanced" toggle in the settings.

I wish that the Apple Watch had average pace on the screen... Hopefully, there'll be as much customizable metrics like Garmin with future updates.

Trial Run 2:

The display and clarity of the metrics are CRISP! 
There are FX when you raise your wrist, the screen turns on.
GPS seems pretty accurate in terms of pace.
Battery life is decent. It drained about 20-25% on this nonstop 8-miler.
The watch looks really sleek on wrist. It's not bulky like the higher end Garmins.

Cons (when you run without the phone):
Lack of average pace. You won't know until you pause/end your run.
You can't see your mile splits! 
It logged my 8miler as a treadmill run today when I was on the track.
It doesn't let you know your elevation.
You can't view your run history on the watch.

Trial Run 3:
Garmin VA vs Apple Watch Nike+:

*** I accidentally restarted the Apple Watch after I thought I ended my run. I finished with 8.06mi at a 7'02" pace.  I was walking around for several seconds before I noticed.


Distance: +0.05mi difference with Apple from Garmin
Average Pace: -3 second difference from Garmin to Apple
Battery: Apple used up 28% and Garmin used up 12%

The Apple Watch seems consistently accurate after three runs. My Garmin has a history of being super inconsistent, but it performed pretty well on this run.

More Apple Watch info... Not sure if it's my luck with GPS watches, but the battery (from a full charge) drained 70% while I was at work from 3-12:45am...

Trial Run 4: 
I started the runs pretty much at the same time since the Apple does a three second countdown.

I still have problems pausing/ending my runs with the Apple. When I think I pause it, it resumes the run (hence the time difference). 

The variance between the two was pretty slim actually though... The Apple has been running about 0.04mi more and 2-3 seconds faster for average pace than my Garmin.

In my HONEST opinion, if you're looking to get a GPS watch for RUNNING, do not spend your money on the Apple Watch. It's basically the free app on your wrist. I'd look at other options like Garmin if you want to take your running to another level. On the "plus", it links up the Nike+ Running App.