Runner's Gift Guide: Nicole

Here are more gift ideas for the runners in your life.....or maybe even for yourself!  

Are you looking for a gift for a runner this holiday season?  Let our runners help you out!  With a variety of runners in spanned across 4 seasons, we have the plenty of knowledge on what's best when hitting the concrete.  

We asked our CRew to share the best gifts to give to runners this holiday season.  The gifts they would GIVE are products that have tried before and think that other runners should check them out.  The gifts they would RECEIVE are their wish list items to complete their ultimate running kit.  Hopefully Santa is out there reading this!

Next up is Season 3 runner, Nicole


CEP compression socks or calf sleeves is a small, fun stocking stuffer and comes in many colors to suit any personality. It says, "Hey, I know you love running and I really want you to be able to go the distance! I care about your training and recovery processes!" (Especially for some of us on the older side!)  Not wearing them in a half marathon wreaks havoc on my calves. I get spasms and calf pain - and I don't think I'm exaggerating either, I have enough points of data to establish a solid cause-and-effect! So now I will not run longer distances without some type of compression. ;-)


This is a dream item. Recovery is everything! It's just as important as the sweat equity. I know from experience that the more effort I put into recovery, the better. When I slack on recovery - I feel the consequences. It can be a drag, but a few minutes of an arctic blast can do the trick!

Stay tuned for more gift ideas!