Valentine's Edition: Couples Who Sweat Together

My boo and I love anything fitness. We have always been active individually and together which makes fitness more fun. I find that having a common interest is definitely a plus in the relationship. We are able to share the same lifestyle in eating and share the same energy level to just get things done in life. We understand each other better and why we do certain things in fitness such as doing double days to push our self. We are each others support system. I enjoy running in the morning and taking crossfit class with him. He knows I am not a morning person, but would wake me up anyways and say, "You will feel better after you run." During our runs, he would encourage me to keep up with him by saying we are almost done. In crossfit, he pushes me to lift heavier because he believes that I can. Sharing a common interest in fitness has helped our relationship to become stronger and healthier.

-       by beelynda, Season 3

Gerome and I have been friends for more than half of our lives. We met when we were 13 and were close ever since so we've been dating on again and off again. When we first started dating again last year, I took him on a 19 mile run to see what he was made of. We took Bart into the city and started at the Ferry Building. We ran past the wharf, through Fort Mason, through Crissy Filed, across Golden Gate Bridge and made our way to Land's End. We ran back and had clam chowder at the pier and it was history ever since.

Gerome wasn't a runner prior to that. I don't even think he ran more than five miles and that was possibly his longest run to date. Since, we have ran three half marathons together and spent long afternoons training for them. We go to the gym together sometimes too, but running is our thing. It helps the relationship a lot, because with running, you have to overcome a lot of mental obstacles, a lot of physical pain, and help each other fight through it. He's seriously my biggest motivator, and always pushes me to be my best when it comes to running, when it comes to working hard. He doesn't sugarcoat my training, he calls me out when I'm fueling my body poorly, and always supports the sport. He reminds me when to rest, when to take the easy days easy, and when to run hard on the hard days. Gerome comes all the way from Vallejo at 4pm to make it to a 6:30pm run club at Nike, just so we can get a run together weekly. We are running our first marathon together for his 26th birthday next month and I will be more than happy to pace each other the whole 26.2 miles.

-       by @mojaldy, Season 2

Driving together to the LA Marathon.

Driving together to the LA Marathon.

I rarely run & lift w/my husband but seek his running advice regularly since he was a middle distance runner in college. I graciously let him be the subject matter expert on all things running in our household - I think he likes it that way and keeps things balanced. He's such a good runner which makes me want to step up my game. We don't get to workout together often because we are parents and have to alternate our workout schedule so someone is always w/our daughter. However, I prefer it this way - it's kinda romantic when he doesn't get to see what I'm working on. I get really self-conscious when we are at the gym together. Once I was working my biceps and I got a text from him saying "who's that sexy woman in the gym" I was so embarrassed! He got to the gym after I did but we both didn't know we would be there.

- by Nicole, Season 2