Concrete Runners in 2015

Thank you to everyone who turned in their miles and race info for 2015.  There were a total of 35 surveys submitted.  We have turned that data into this infographic for you to share and show off what your CRew did last year....and it helped us to come up with our 2016 mileage goal. 

That's right, we want to run 30,000 miles as a collective CRew this year.  

If you really want to break it down, that means we need just 60 of the CRew to do 500 miles.  With the average number of miles being 465, we think this goal will be met with ease.  And with a few of our members hitting the 1000 club in 2015 (shoutout Khattab, MaryAnn, and Nicole), it might be a little easier for all of us if some go above and beyond.


Can you do 500 miles in 2016?