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Season 3 Kick-Off Event

By: @_vinny44

By: @_vinny44

A little history… I took an opportunity to run a marathon for charity and turned it into a dope running crew. 10 years ago I complete a 26.2 mile race for Nike Womens. All I wanted after that was to run with my friends and share what life changing experience I just had. So my friends and I started going by the Running Divas. Along with social media many people started to ask to join our crew. What crew?! It was just me and my girls going on runs in the city. We opened up our group to the world and formed Concrete Runners ‘To inspire and motivate the lifestyle of running’. My goal was to put my city on the map - as the urban running crew of SF. What an awesome turn out!

By: @_vinny44

By: @_vinny44

We’ve tripled in size in just 3 seasons. In the last month we planned for a run/bbq for about 100 people. By the day of our event we had 215 RSVP’s. Thank you all for making our event EPIC. Goal met.  

- by @iamarlynn, Founder

By: @_vinny44

By: @_vinny44

Being season 1, I've seen CR grow each year, each season, new runners join and it has gotten bigger and bigger! Each CRew Family has given me new inspiration, new runs to do, and CR has risen to the top each time. This event was like a family reunion! Not only do we run together, I got to run Golden Gate Bridge again with CR! The Food was great, catching up with everyone is always awesome! Running across the bridge, I tried to high five everyone running back, and even the Police Officer gave me a high five 😂 But I can't thank Jessica Peregrino enough for sharing this great group of inspirational runners. Love u Jess! Loving the CRew!

-        by Marie, Season 1

Photos by Neil Yuzon @ionbackwards

Photos by Neil Yuzon @ionbackwards

Season 3 kickoff of the Concrete Runners was an awesome event. It was great to finally meet all those that was part of the crew and get a run in with them. The route itself was great for all level of runners and had beautiful views before, across, and the end of the golden gate bridge. After the run, there was a delicious spread of food to refuel our muscles after and chat at the end. CR had some amazing sponsors for the event as well, one of my favorites was frozen kuhsterds! Looking forward to all future events and rep CR proud, thanks again for having me be part of the CRew.

-  by @gpkhem, Season 3

The Concrete Runners Season 3 kick off was such a success! Our Season 3 kick off was not just to welcome our CR3 members, but also for the OG’s, Season 1 and Season 2 to celebrate another great year of running! I remember coming to the Concrete Runners season 2 kick off a year ago, not really knowing anyone. Looking back then to now, it is amazing to see how much Concrete Runners has GROWN and also to reflect how much we’ve accomplished as a CRew. We have quality and quantity. I’ve grown with the family from me being a newbie, to now becoming such an active member who built true friendships with everyone. Concrete Runners is a true family and I will always continue to encourage others to join us!

-        by IMizzSAMANTHA, Season 2

Photoby Neil Yuzon @ionbackwards

Photoby Neil Yuzon @ionbackwards

Team building + miles on miles + good food + great company = CR3-KO. The CRew keeps gets strong AND STRONGER. This collective of strengths and miles to show the world how we lace up and stomp concrete because WE RUN SF/BAYAREA. I been with CR since CR1 back in 2014 and can testify that this team has been inspirational to all levels of runners. The exponential growth of our team has exceeded beyond my expectations and to have a turn out of approximately ~200 was AWESOME. I am taken back and in awe to share like interests of races, running, workouts, running routes, miles, and stylish running outfits with these amazing people. We are such a fun bunch and we are the best in expressing our way of making cardio fun. I mean, who loves cardio anyways? Apparently, WE DO! Welcome CR3 members to the CRew. Good to see CR2, CR1, and OGs. Missing a few but we kept them in our thoughts and miles.

-        by Jane, Season 1

By: @_vinny44

By: @_vinny44

I am grateful to have found this group since 2015 and had became a member of CR season 2. Even though I did not run with the CRew during CR3 kickoff event, I came bearing with my infamous mint chocolate brownies as a recovery snack for the runners. I had such an awesome time catching up with fellow runners or meeting new people who are interested in running. Overall, the event was organized, interactive, full of positive vibes, and they had lots of good food! I cannot wait for next year's event! Thank you Concrete Runners!

-        by Oanh Tran, Season 2

Photo by Neil Yuzon @ionbackwards

Photo by Neil Yuzon @ionbackwards

On Saturday, we celebrated our Season 3 kick off for the Concrete Runners. As most of you already know, it just started off as a bunch of friends that started doing marathons/half marathons together, somewhat jokingly calling ourselves Running Divas. We eventually evolved into Concrete Runners and are now on Season 3! Looking back at the evolution, it is so amazing and exciting. I can't wait to see what's next. I got there quite early with the rest of the OGs and set up crew, around 7am. we set up the tables and organized ourselves for the event. people steadily rolled in starting at about 730/45ish am. We had people register as they came and we started off our event at about 830am. We had our kick off speech by Janice (my sister) and Clarice from Muscle Milk said a few words too. Abel led our stretches and we were off for our run. Ws always we trailed off in pace groups so people could be with others that ran roughly around their pace. Our run was a 6 mile loop that included a run across the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. It was a little cold but nothing unbearable, especially once we warmed up from our run. the clouds were minimal so the sights were clear and gorgeous. We had about 127+ people check in -- plenty of food, chit-chat and laughter filled the park. I got to see folks from all 3 seasons, meet some of the new crew, and welcome those that aren't officially Concrete ...yet! I'd say it was a pretty good event. I can't wait to for another event with Season 3.

- by melopez28, OG


The first official event of CR Season 3 and there was so much energy and excitement. Loved the support and motivation everyone was giving each other through high-fives during the six mile run over the Golden Gate Bridge. The pacers were great and checked in with us to make sure we were all doing good during the run. It was my fiance's first CR event and he thought it was great that so many people showed up to run together. Wish we could've stayed after the run but it was a fun kickoff and can't wait to see what's to come for Season 3!

- by @cathyow, Season 3

Photo   by Neil Yuzon @ionbackwards

Photo by Neil Yuzon @ionbackwards

Together, we conquered 6 miles of awesomeness. Season 3 kick off with the CRew was a hit! I always miss out on the events since moving back to NYC, but not this time!! Yet again, I was welcomed with open arms and so much love. I was ecstatic to see old faces and many new ones. We talked, we laughed, and most of all shared our love of running. Yummy eats were brought by all of us and we gathered together after our run for a BBQ. I've been truly humbled by all the support they give and even though I'm across the country now, the distance does not come in between us. If you're ever in the Bay Area and want to run with CR, they will do nothing but inspire and motivate you. So please, join us for a run!! You'll be happy you did. Thank you to our sponsors Muscle Milk, Perfect Bar, Icelandic Glacial, Frozen Kuhsterd, and Clearly Kombucha for keeping us fueled and hydrated! Our photographers Neil Yuzon and Alvin Castillo, thank you for the amazing photography!! Hope to see you all on the concrete. 

 - by MaryAnn, Season 3

Concrete Meet: Fleet Feet Nike Flash Run

The Concrete Runners recently held a flash run with Fleet Feet. It was an awesome turn out with lots of new faces too. I thought it was even more awesome that I got my coworkers to come out and attend. I mean, there's no better feeling than getting someone to try to something new and LOVING it. My coworkers were able to use their trial shoes since they did not have their own, which was nice. I believe it's great that the store provides that service. The route was short and sweet, nothing unbearable and the weather was ideal! What was even better was all the goodie treats that the store provided the attendees!

- Mo, Season 2

Brett Lamb and his entire team at Fleet Feet Sports San Francisco was awesome as always. They surprised us with Concrete Runners cupcakes and raffled off Nike flash hats, Nike vest and even a pair of Nike Flash sneakers. I absolutely love partnering up with Fleet Feet Sports.

- @iamarlynn, Founder

If you know me, then you know I love the flash life.  Anything reflective, I just got to have it.  So when Fleet Feet and the Concrete Runners teamed up for a Flash Run through San Francisco, I was super excited to bust out my gear and make my appearance. 

Keep in mind that I had just run a FULL MARATHON on Sunday.  Weirdly enough, my legs felt perfectly fine and I was ready to run again.  I threw on my USA Olympics 3M jacket that I picked up at Foot Patrol in London, my Nike Flash hat that I got from NTC+ LA, and my reflective Concrete Runners gear and took a bart ride to downtown SF.  There were so many delays due- hey, it’s the holiday season- but I showed up a few minutes late…and was so shocked!

Inside Fleet Feet were HELLA runners!  I made my rounds to say hello to the crew as Fleet Feet and my fellow Concrete Runners team captain Jessica were welcoming the group to the run.  It was great to see everyone all together, rockin’ their latest reflective gear, and ready to RUN! 

Part of the run included a contest for the raffle.  We had to use the hashtag #NikeFlashRunSF, which meant I was going to be posting lots of pics during the route.  We took off and I pushed myself to run in the 9:00 min/mile pace group.  Jhoanne, Season 3 Concrete Runner, also was in the same pace group as me. 

Our pacers from Fleet Feet were super energized, and they led us through a 3 mile route through Union Square and down the Embarcadero.  This gave us a perfect chance to make some stops at the Christmas trees for photo opportunities and to post on Instagram. 

I was almost dying when we returned, but I made it!  We were welcomed to cupcakes featuring Fleet Feet and Concrete Runners.  That was a big surprise to us but we absolutely loved it.  If that wasn’t enough, Fleet Feet also hooked it up with naughty or nice punch (I took the naughty).

We couldn’t leave without taking plenty of group photos.  I also had the chance to buy the new Nike Pegasus Solstice shoe, the Concrete Runners crew shoe for Season 3. 

This flash run was the perfect way to close out the running year for the Concrete Runners.  We had a flash run last year before the holidays as well, but this time, as our crew gets bigger, we had an even bigger and better experience, thanks to the folks at Fleet Feet. 

- Tiffany, Co-Captain

Concrete in the Community: Black RUNday and Coat Drive

After a Thanksgiving holiday, sometimes all you want to do is RUN off all that turkey.  We kept the tradition again this year by hosting another Concrete Meet at the San Leandro Marina Park.  Since this is the season of giving, we had to continue our work in the community by also holding a coat drive.  Our runners came through with bags and bags of coats, which we donated to One Warm Coat.  It was a great way to get together, help those in need, and also burn some calories!

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.24.20 AM.png

Black RunDay was my first Concrete Runners event since joining Season 3. It was nice to finally meet the CRew and they were all so welcoming. Everyone was motivating and encouraging each other during the run, which was really helpful since it was such a cold morning. They were also hosting a coat drive and it was great to see how generous everyone was with all the bags and bags of coats that were being donated. Love that we could all get together for a run and make a difference at the same time! Can't wait to see what's in store for Season 3!

- Cathy, Season 3

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.25.48 AM.png

I didn’t know what to expect...out of the 45+ that were there at this event, I only knew 2 people. I drove up and was immediately greeted by Reina, while I was still in my car. Who does that? She did and that was very awesome and kind of her to do. From there, homie handshakes and hugs were given left to right and it really felt like I knew everyone. EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON was (and still is) very welcoming, much like a family gathering! During my run, I ran by myself, just at my own pace. At the last mile, I was running towards a handful of fellow CR who were running towards the finish area. This is what I remember the most, "go Max! You can do it! Great job, keep pushing! You got this!" ...all that while HI-5's were being slapped around. Totally pushed me and just made me feel great! This was a very memorable, exciting, fun event and run with the CR Fam and truly am looking forward to the next one.

-      Skooter / @max.eats, Season 3

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.27.54 AM.png

It was my first black RUNday with Concrete Runners & it was such a great experience to give back to the community with coats especially with how the weather is now. Although it was really cold out and I was battling a cough, I still did what I could to run. The support of my fellow runners kept me going until I couldn't anymore. It was so nice to meet all the new concrete runners & reunite with everyone there after the Thanksgiving holiday. This is one of many moments that I enjoy with this CRew!


-      Loree, @itsloreeeee

Concrete Meet: Fleet Feet 5k Fun Run

Tonight, a chance meeting that happened over a year and a half ago came full circle.

One morning, Brett Lamb, owner of Fleet Feet Sports SF, was out with his son bright and early to reserve a picnic table at Crissy Field’s West Bluff area.  It just so happened that the Concrete Runners were there, also, reserving tables.  As Brett waited for his friends and family to arrive, his curiosity peaked as he saw this group setting up their event.  He decided to wander over and see what they were up to.  It was the Concrete Runners Season 1 Kick-Off event.  He was amazed by what the group was pulling off.  After that he started following the Concrete Runners on social media, interested in seeing where this group was heading for the future. 

As Brett told us this story, it wasn’t until today that I realized that this is how he came to know the Concrete Runners, which made tonight’s event even more special.

Concrete Runners is thankful for Fleet Feet hosting a fun 5k run, with fantastic hospitality from beginning to end.  The night started with welcoming us into to their new store before they open to the public, then warm-up stretches in the beautiful Yerba Buena Park, onto a perfect night for a 5k run.  The evening ended with a private happy hour space reserved at Marriott Hotel Bin 55 for all of us to hang out & enjoy drinks... And let's not forget the awesome Nike Concrete Runners x Fleet Feet Nike running hats they gave to each runner…

Thank you Fleet Feet Sports and their SF team! Good luck on your grand opening next week!!
By @iamarlynn, Concrete Runners Founder

Before the run!

Before the run!

Concrete Runners x Fleet Feet Hats

Concrete Runners x Fleet Feet Hats


Warming up at Yerba Buena Gardens

Warming up at Yerba Buena Gardens

The fun run with Fleet Feet was so fun!  We started out in their new shop and it was so exciting to see so many Nike hats for our runners with the CR and Fleet Feet logos on them.  We started off with a stretch in Yerba Buena Gardens and then ran to the Embarcadero, AT&T Park, and then back to the shop.  After, we grabbed our hats and headed over to the Marriott for our private happy hour.  It was so nice to mingle with the crew, our guests, and our new family at Fleet Feet.  Thank you so much for running with us, we can't wait for what's next!
- By Tiffany @artiffact, Concrete Runners Co-Captain

On the run. 

On the run. 

 I LOVE how runners from all over the Bay Area can come together for a common goal to run together! It's absolutely amazing to be inspired by people who I just met and wouldn't have met otherwise. The encouragement and the love was felt throughout the evening.
- by Jane, Concrete Runners guest

At the Fleet Feet Happy Hour! 

At the Fleet Feet Happy Hour! 

 I had such a great time at the Concrete Runners x Fleet Feet SF 5K run! I didn't know what to expect because this was one of my first runs to do with Concrete that isn't a race. Even though I didn't have the best run to date, the atmosphere of the people around me definitely helped me finished strong. Knowing these group of people for only a few months, I've never felt such a welcoming environment since college.

Seeing Fleet Feet SF was a bonus as well as the private lounge with drinks at the end and the sweet Nike hats that they had made as a surprise for us. It always feels good to share these types experience with this crew. Thank you Concrete Runners for putting on this event with Fleet Feet SF! I couldn't think of a better way to start off my birthday week!
- By Loree Rose, Concrete Runners guest