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You know how it is.....Sometimes you want to run, but you don't want the sweaty residue after.  Maybe you want to run on your lunch break, or you have an event to go to after your route.  Either way, if there's no shower, then what do you do?

Developed by athletes, ShowerPill wipes kill 99.9% of germs and leave no sticky residue behind.  You only need one ShowerPill wipe to clean your entire body and remove all the sweat and germs from working out.

• Just one thick “washcloth-like” wipe cleans the entire body
• Individual packaging ensures quality and convenience
• Anti-bacterial solution includes powerful astringent witch hazel, and contains no alcohol to dry out the skin
• Aloe vera and vitamin E moisturize like a lotion
• Wipes are hypo-allergenic, paraben free, and are safe for sensitive skin

This hospital grade solution removes sweat and dirt, cleanses the skin, and leaves you feeling moisturized. Created with all the properties of a shower, it can instantly cleanse your body and works as a “shower alternative” when you just don't have time.