Deborah, Original Member


Meet Deborah.  Fitness is not an activity, it is a lifestyle. This sentiment is immediately evident when you meet Deborah Valle Penaflor. Deb is absolutely dedicated to her fitness. Deb sticks to a strict regimen of exercise taking advantage of full body workouts that focus not only on cardiovascular fitness and stamina, but strength training as well. Deb is most fond of routines that address both of these areas such as kickboxing and boot camp. Exercise however is only a single piece of Deb’s fitness puzzle. Deb believes that what you put into your body is just as important as exercising. Nutritional balance is of monumental importance to Deb and she follows a carefully crafted diet to ensure she is providing her body with the fuel it needs to perform at high levels. The last ingredient to Deb’s fitness recipe is to incorporate eastern modalities that not only address physical fitness but mental fitness as well. Deb accomplishes this through weekly acupuncture treatments and monthly massages.

Deb loves her Concrete Runner family, and is extremely proud to call herself a founding member. If Deb could pick a fitness nickname it would be Fitness Dork, as she is constantly cracking jokes and keeping her follow Concrete Runners in a constant state of giggles. Her dorkiness is accompanied by her upbeat personality, positivity, and her unique ability to have fun no matter the situation. She also believes that fitness should be fun! When she is not crushing at the gym, Deb enjoys hitting the mountains in the winter months and regular runs all over the gorgeous Bay Area. Deb truly enjoys not only being fit, but the constant journey to achieve fitness (and all the stops along the way).