Eileen, Original Member


Meet Eileen.  This is Eileen's story: 
I never thought I’d be a runner. It wasn’t something that I enjoyed very much until eleven years ago when one of my best friends (Arlynn) started training for the Nike Women’s Marathon. She asked me to run with her around Lake Merced and I agreed. That day was the first time I ever ran more than a mile and outdoors. I mostly ran indoors at the gym which is why I never enjoyed it. The next three days were painful. I stayed home from work and walking was brutal. Everything hurt but I kept at it. I realized after I actually may like it. Thirty days later I ran my first half marathon in the US Half SF. I've participated in multiple Nike Women Marathons with Concrete Runners. I was the most fit when I was running and taking boxing classes until life threw me the biggest curve ball. In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I survived due to God’s grace, my family and friends. Also, I was literally fit for battle. I picked up running again after my last chemo sessions. I remember crying throughout the 4.5 mile run because of my second chance in life. I haven’t stopped working out and haven’t stopped running. Today, I am not only focused my health but also focused on the health of the people I love. With that said, I get my family together for our weekly Fam Fit Sundays. My personal goal this year is to run 50 miles a month and according to Nike + I’ve managed to even complete that goal with a busy work schedule. 
Through my perseverance, I had proven that anything is possible. I hope that my inner strength and will to live will inspire others.