Irene | @irenecchin 


What is your biggest running accomplishment on the concrete?
From running a single half marathon, to running 6-8 half marathons a year, I definitely got bit by the running bug! 

Why do you run?
Because I can. During the Nike Women's Half Marathon in SF back in 2005, I cheered on my cousin in his first half marathon, and saw the various runners of different ages, sizes, and shapes, and I thought to myself that I can do this too. Not only is this a way to get fit, but it also gives me free time to just think, or zone out, or just appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

What inspires you?
I'm very much a social runner, and I'm inspired by my friends and family who also run. It's heartwarming to hear from friends who started running because of me. Also, the running community is fantastic! Meeting other runners and hearing how they started running, it's great to hear the different paths that people took.