Janice, Original Member


Meet Janice Lopez an RN, a first-degree black belt in karate, and an all around rock star. First introduced to the world of karate and boxing by her father at the age of four, Janice became enthralled with fitness. With deep roots in a range of sports like golf, softball, snowboarding, legree fitness, muay thai, and boxing, Janice was ready to challenge herself in an area that didn’t come as naturally as others did: running.

As the trials of sticking to her running routine challenge her body daily, Janice faithfully sticks to the commitment she made because she loves the positive benefits running has on her body, mind, stamina, and endurance. A founder and proud member of the Concrete Runners, Janice loves the tight knit community that the running group creates. Her promise to her new running family is to always keep up a positive energy and encourage others to stay healthy.