Jessica P, Original Member


Meet Jessica, a devoted wife and mother of two, fellow GGU alum, bootcamper, and avid runner. Jess started running in 2007 after Arlynn asked her to run the Nike Women's Marathon. She has been running ever since and has ran numerous half marathons and other races. Jess loves morning runs. She uses this time to clear her mind and mentally prepare herself for the day. When she's not running, you'll find Jess at a bootcamp session, going on hikes or long walks.
Being a part of Concrete Runners has allowed Jess to focus on achieving fitness goals and self-improvement. She has signed up for swimming lessons and incorporated weight training in her workouts. Her ultimate goal is to run a full marathon and complete a triathlon (or a mini) within the next 2 years. Also she wants to teach her daughters the importance of fitness and show them that they can accomplish anything by setting goals. Through Concrete Runners, Jess has become an example to all working women alike.