Jessica W | @jessrunsthebay

What is your biggest running accomplishment on the concrete?

My biggest running accomplishment on the concrete is being able to successfully finish a run on days when I have no energy or desire to run. As much as I love to hit the concrete, there are days where I just don't want to do it. Sometimes my lack of motivation wins, but usually, I push myself to get out there. Once I'm done, I get the greatest feeling of accomplishment and nothing beats it!    

Why do you run?

This is a question runners get often. However, it's a hard one to answer (for me, at least). Running is my "me time". Whether I'm having a bad day or a good one, a run always makes my day better. I think of random things while I'm running and I literally end up getting lost in my thoughts. I can go through a day at work in 4 miles, plan a vacation in 6 or think about how amazing life is in 10 miles! And of course, there are times when all you can think about is when this run will be over. Either way, the feeling it gives me is unexplainable and most of all satisfying. And the fact that running is good for your health is an obvious bonus! This is my condensed answer for those who understand. A more simplified answer? I run because I love to run!    

What inspires you?

I always feel so inspired by those who have physical disabilities, but never give up and find ways to improvise and not let their physical disabilities get in the way of their active and healthy lifestyle! It's makes me feel grateful, motivated and of course, inspired.