Samantha | @IMizzSAMANTHA


What is your biggest running accomplishment on the concrete?
Warning – I love running and truly have a running journey, so this will be long! I’ve always had the love for health, fitness and being active, but it was always a struggle to hit the concrete. My first active event was in 2012 for the Spartan Beast! Yep 13.1 miles + 18 obstacles! I was up for the challenge, but only signed up for this because I had a free registration! It was the craziest experience I've had, not only the long distance and obstacles, but also the weather - crazy rain and winds!! Although I was saying FML the whole time I was about to start, shivering cold, stepping in the cold mud, wind blowing me over.. I knew that I was gonna be so proud when I finish! This was definitely my most memorable and I had the best time. In 2013 my friend talked me into doing the Nike Women's marathon with her. I only intended on doing the half marathon since I've never ran long distance before (I don't count the Spartan Beast since there were lots of stops for obstacles), but she again, talked me into doing the FULL marathon - 26.2miles! I agreed because it would be cool to say I completed 26miles for my 26th year of age! Finishing the full marathon was definitely another proud moment because that was my first official run! After accomplishing that for my 26th year, I had to set another goal. For 2014 – I decided to do one half marathon (plus some mini runs in between) for every month of the year! Currently, this year 2015 - I decided to slow it down (not literally) but achieve my PR! By doing so many runs, I never ever trained, so it was hard to get under 2hrs 15mins. Just recently, I've included more endurance and strength training in my workout plan and achieved my half marathon PR of 1hr and 54mins! I told myself, once I do this.. I can retire jk :)

Why do you run?
I love to run because it is a great get away. It is easy, but challenging. It is all mental as you push through the pain!! I especially love running with the crew because every concrete runner truly motivates and inspires you. I love sharing the common bond of running and meeting everyone in the running community. It's so fun to "travel to run" in different cities and creating great experiences doing something positive with good people! 

What inspires you?
Successful and positive people inspire me. When I see people doing great things, it makes me push harder for what I want. I am a person who always wants to be the best version of me. I'm inspired to always reach for success and live life knowing I've created my best life in my career, in fitness or at a personal level and I hope to inspire people and be a positive influence along the way!