What is your biggest running accomplishment on the concrete?
This year, my new year’s resolution was to run my first half
and I ran Nike Women’s Half Marathon at 2:23:00!!! I’ve totally set my
standards high for a half marathon PR.

Why do you run?
I only started running because I needed an outlet to get away
from it all. Instead, it gave me a whole new view of where I’m from. I feel
like I know San Francisco so much better just because I’ve ran around the city
just in the past year. Running has given me a totally different perspective of
the bay area, and I can’t wait to do more destination runs in the future. Also,
shout out to John Lyndon Vergara (aka Jr, aka Bae) for being the best personal
pacer pushing me to be the best.

What inspires you?

Seeing each and everyone pursue their passions has been amazing to witness. I
want to be like y’all when I grow up. ;)