Thank you for your interest in joining the Concrete Runners for The Speed Project 5.0! We are excited to put together one badass Concrete Runners team in 2019! Here are the details for applying for a spot on the CR x TSP 5.0 team!

Event Details

TSP 5.0 will be taking place weekend of March 29 - 31, 2019! Our 12 person team will be will be running from Santa Monica, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to our runners, we will be allowed to include 4 support members with the responsibilities of driving the RV and/or SUV and relieving runners as needed.


The Runner race fee is $150 per person. Support members will not be required to pay a race fee. However, each runner/support member will be responsible for paying for their own flights, hotel and splitting the team costs. Team costs include SUV rental, RV rental, hotel accommodations, food, etc.  These final costs will be determined as we get closer to the race date. Last year, official runners spent approx $500 per person on team costs and approx $75 for a CR x TSP 4.0 kit.

Roles and Responsibilities

Runner: Simple. Your role is to represent CR and help the team make it to Las Vegas. You will be assigned legs (approx 3-6 miles) and will be responsible for getting those legs completed as quickly as possible. WIth that being said, you will be expected to TRAIN for this event. We have been provided a training program which has already been kicked off. You will need to dedicate a minimum of 10 hours a week running/training. In addition, you will need to be available for team training events (date and time TBD.)

Support: Your role is to support our 12 runners throughout the journey. This includes, but is not limited to: runner safety, driving the RV, RV maintenance (ex: attending training, managing any vehicle needs such as trash management, etc.), driving the SUV, assisting navigating either vehicle and possibly relieving runners as needed. The runner are your number one priority, so you will be responsible for making sure they are taken care of. In addition, you will need to be available for team meetings (date and time TBD.)

Application Checklist

The following items need to be completed to confirm your interest in joining the CR x TSP 5.0 team! The submission deadline is Wed 1/2/19!


Please complete the following application to confirm your interest in joining the CR x TSP 5.0 crew!

Registration Deposit (Runners only)

VenMo @concreterunners $150 by Wed 1/2/19 to complete your application in joining the CR x TSP 5.0 team. Note: This is not final cost of participating in the event (see outline of costs above.) Without this registration fee, your entry will be considered incomplete and you will not be considered for the team.

*If you are not selected for the team, your registration fee will be refunded in full.


Submit your best running picture to This photo will be used for social media/promotional purposes.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to